Collection: Newborn Baby Wrap Carriers

We love having our babies close to us here at VIXSA, and we want you to be confident in using your Wraps and Ring Slings, so we have provided detailed instructions on their use.

A newborn baby wrap is perfectly safe to use – but there are guidelines in place to ensure consistently safe practice. 

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Newborn Baby Wrap – Safe, Comfortable and Close

VIXSA are part of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and we always make sure to follow any and all guidance about the safe use of carriers for our babies – and we have created step-by-step usage instructions for both the Stretchy Wrap and the Ring Sling, in both written and video form.

These guides can be found in the Tutorial section of the website – and we are sure to send them in the packaging of every wrap and ring sling that we deliver. 

Whether in a wrap or a ring sling, the following rules apply to keep your baby safe while you are wearing them: 

TIGHT: all carriers and slings should be tight, with no loose fabric.
IN VIEW: you should always be able to see your baby’s face just by glancing down
CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS: you should always be able to kiss your baby’s head in the carrier
KEEP CHIN OFF CHEST: Don’t let your baby be all curled up, so their breathing is restricted
SUPPORTED BACK: Make sure that when they are in the carrier, they have a fully supported back, especially in a ring sling as slumping can affect their breathing. 

    How to Safely Use a Newborn Baby Wrap 

    Follow these steps to tie your stretchy baby wrap and create a front-carrying position that is safe for baby and comfortable for you: 

    1. Position logo in the front, central to your body. Keep tension as you wrap behind the body
    2. Cross long pieces behind your back over your shoulders to make an ‘X’
    3. Tuck the long pieces under the front piece (with the logo on). Make sure to keep the fabric stretched while you do this
    4. Pull down and keep snug. Cross the pieces again
    5. Bring the long pieces around your back, cross and bring back to the front.
    6. You can tie it behind your back, at the front or on your hip, depending what is most comfortable for you.

    For more information about using your Stretchy Wrap, please refer to the information guide you received when you purchased or have a look in our tutorial tab to watch a video on the initial tying.

    Please note that the VIXSA Wrap is designed for tummy to tummy carry only.

    Using A Newborn Baby Wrap Carrier Properly Is Important

    The linen ring sling is less stretchy and therefore more straightforward to put on/take off – but do make sure that you practice first before adding your baby!

    1. Hold the tail in one hand, and the two rings in the other
    2. Pull the tail through both rings, keeping it smooth
    3. Fold the tail back over the top ring and then under the bottom.
    4. Pull through, ensuring that it is even. 

    For more information about our newborn baby wrap carriers, please see the Tutorial tab, where you can watch full instructions in our step-by-step tutorials. 

    The VIXSA carrier range is designed to be easy to use as well as safe – so it is important that all instructions are followed to get the best out of your purchase.

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