Baby Wearing Safety

It is truly a special feeling having your baby nice and close to you in your VIXSA Baby Carrier, but like anything you must take certain precautions. Please always follow the instructions provided to you with your VIXSA Wrap Carrier or Ring Sling or available on this website. 

When wearing your VIXSA Wrap or Ring Sling Carrier please be mindful of all your surroundings. Do not do anything you wouldn't normally do holding your baby in your arms.


  • Do NOT leave Carrier unattended or let baby play with Carrier or bag. Place in Carrier bag when not in use.
  • Always put your Carrier on before placing baby in
  • Always take baby out before taking your Carrier off.
  • Do NOT wear baby on your back or facing forward.
  • It will take a few goes before you find the right firmness. Please adjust accordingly as your baby grows.
  • Practice makes perfect!

REMEMBER: You are using the Carrier at your own risk. PLEASE be careful whilst using it.