Our Story


Hi! We are Keira and James.

We took over VIXSA in 2024 and are beyond excited to carry on the beautiful journey that Charline and Lekisha started. We've been following VIXSA on Instagram since 2018 and have always admired the brand.  

Both of our girls are rainbow babies and as a result of recurrent pregnancy loss; pregnancy and the early stages of parenting were an anxiety inducing time. We felt most calm and connected when we held our babies close, and we found baby-wearing the best way to do this.

We loved using wrap carriers with both of our girls as newborns and we still use a VIXSA ring sling for our second who is almost 10months old.

Our journey with VIXSA took a serendipitous turn one morning as Keira scrolled through Instagram, trying not to disturb our sleeping baby. A post from Charline and Lekisha sparked a conversation about the brand's future, and before we knew it, we were diving headfirst into this new adventure.

We’ve been working with Charline and Lekisha for months to learn the ropes and make sure we continue to wrap your babies in love. We truly appreciate your support on this journey and hope we do Charline and Lekisha proud.

 xxxx Keira and James

Our Founders

In 2015 two friends and new mothers, Charline and Lekisha, discovered their common love for baby-wearing. Like many new Mums they found the closeness and security offered by baby-wearing to far outweigh any other means of baby-carrying. Disheartened by the lack of  fashionable, natural and lightweight options on the market they decided to create their own.

The goal was simple, create a line of comfortable to wear carriers from natural, breathable fabrics that don’t compromise on style. We believe that your love for fashion doesn't have to stop because you entered the magical world of motherhood. 

First came the Wrap Carrier, made from a Bamboo/Spandex blend (to give that all important stretch for comfort) and available in a range of fabrics to suit any parent’s style.  The Wrap Carrier was so well received that it was soon followed by the Ring Sling made from pure, natural, breathable linen. The Ring Sling takes baby wearing to the next stage, while it is perfect for newborns, just like the Wrap Carrier, the life of the Ring Sling also takes you into toddlerhood, extending your baby wearing experience, and keeping your little one closer, for longer.

VIXSA soon added to their line of carriers a petite version so older siblings can be “just like Mum or Dad”, a range of beautiful Milestone Cards and a range of nursing products made from the same soft and natural Bamboo to make the Wrap Carrier.

The VIXSA story is told through a beautifully curated selection of carriers, designed to help all parents experience the intimate connection achieved through baby-wearing, as well as the freedom of hands-free carrying.  

VIXSA - The Name

When it came to deciding on the name of the brand it was clear that it should incorporate the names of those dearest to our founders, their children. VIXSA is a combination of each of their eldest daughter’s names, Victoria and Savannah, also the names of our first, and best selling signature wraps; Victoria Skies and Savannah Nights.