Collection: Stretchy Baby Swaddle Carriers

We all want the very best for our babies, which is why our founders created VIXSA. When Charline and Lekisha had their daughters in 2015, the friends found that they had a limited choice in baby carriers.

What was available then was either frumpy, bulky, or not appropriate – so they decided to make their own range that would be lightweight, made from natural materials, and fashion-conscious – having a baby doesn’t mean that you must become a frump, after all! 

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Baby Swaddle Carrier – Why the Wrap is Perfect for Your Newborn

Named for their daughters Victoria and Savannah, their company has been providing wraps and ring slings in many fabrics and colours – so that you can have the choice of how you want to wear your baby.

When you are pregnant, you know all about the Trimesters, and what you can expect from your body and the development of your baby. In recent years, research has shown that newborns, after birth, have a 4th trimester – where they always need to be physically close to their caregiver. 

Baby Swaddle Carriers And The 4th Trimester 

During the 4th Trimester, your baby uses your heartbeat to regulate their breathing and, along with your scent, gain comfort.

Babies also struggle to regulate their own body temperature, needing the cues from their caregivers to help them – so that closeness is necessary to not only make sure that they are comfortable and safe, but also to make sure that they are at the right temperature and breathing properly. 

If you choose to breastfeed, the 4th Trimester closeness ensures that your milk comes in well, and that it is producing the right balance of nourishment that is needed at the right time – milk production is affected by physical closeness.

If your baby suffers from colic or reflux, or is generally unsettled, then being held can relieve the symptoms and prevent them from getting worse – allowing for better natural digestion. 

The Benefits Of A Stretchy Baby Carrier

In our world today it is not feasible, practical, or even comfortable to be constantly carrying your newborn in your arms. Much as we’d like to be able to recline with babe, watching TV and relaxing, it just doesn’t happen like that. 

Being a parent that wants to be able to make the most of that 4th trimester, and give their baby they closeness that they want, means choosing a way to comfortably and safely carry your baby – that also allows you to be hands-free – able to get on with your usual activities. 

That is where our baby swaddle carrier is a real game-changer. Our bamboo and spandex mix is soft, strong and has a 4-Way stretch – so it fits almost everyone, and provides thermoregulated, comfortable snuggliness for your newborn too. By wearing your baby on your chest, you are giving them the closeness and the comfort they need, whilst keeping your hands free. It’s the best of both worlds! 

VIXSA’s stretchy baby carrier is the perfect way to make sure that your baby is safe, supported and comfortable while being held close to your heart. If you would like more information about our baby wraps, please look at our product pages for more information.

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