Collection: Newborn Baby Ring Slings

Here at VIXSA we love babywearing – and we want you to love it too! We have designed our baby slings to be comfortable, lightweight and fashionable, so that you can have the best experience wearing your baby.

We have worked with designers and used our own experience as parents to create a sling that is both practical and easy to use – with full instructions available on our website – and comfortable for wearer and, most importantly, baby. 

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VIXSA Baby Slings For Newborns – Australia’s Best Babywearing Solution 

Made with 100% linen, our newborn slings are stretchy and safe, with beautiful design to make it as unique as your family is.

Have a look at our whole range for more information and take a closer look at our fabulous designs.

Why Linen For A Newborn Sling?

Linen has become popular amongst parents for use with their babies, and there are many reasons why we love using linen for our ring slings for newborns.

  • Breathable: Linen is a highly breathable fabric, making it easier for your baby to remain cool during warm weather. They can also help to retain heat when it is colder, keeping your baby at the perfect temperature to be comfortable.
  • Natural softness: Linen is 2-3 times softer than cotton, which means your baby will be more comfortable in our slings than a regular cotton sling.
  • Durability: As the world’s strongest natural fibre, which will help your slings remain in top shape for a very long time.
  • Moisture-Wicking: like most natural fibres, linen is more absorbent than most synthetic fibres, and this means that not only does it dry well, it can absorb some moisture before it starts to feel damp.
  • Machine Washable: when you have a baby, you know that messes are just a part of parenting – so it is good to know that the materials you are choosing are easy to care for.

Babies are hard work; they don’t come with instructions, and everywhere you look there is seemingly conflicting information about what to do for the best start for your baby. 

Newborns, it is understood, have a 4th trimester – a period after birth where they seem to need to be in constant physical contact with their parents. Kangaroo care, skin to skin, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, colic, feed to sleep, self-soothe, bottle feeding, dummy use… parents have so much information about how to deal with having a newborn, sometimes it is so overwhelming.

Why Parents Choose the VIXSA Ring Sling For Newborns 

If you choose to follow the babywearing path, we have the perfect linen ring sling for you and your baby. 

Holding your baby close, allowing that kangaroo care and contact is something that can be all-consuming. And if your little one suffers from colic or reflux, holding them can be the only thing that gives relief – so using our  ring slings can really make a difference.

If you want some more information about babywearing and how our slings can help you parent hands-free, please have a look at our guides on using slings – the step-by-step videos are especially helpful as they take you through each step visually so you know what it is supposed to look like. Practice makes perfect – do make sure you have mastered the thread before you add the baby!

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