Wrap Carrier vs Ring Sling

Wrap Carrier vs Ring Sling

There’s one thing that can be difficult to do when you’re a Mama, and that’s making a decision. Yep, we’ve all heard of and possibly experienced ‘baby brain’, it’s a REAL thing! 

At VIXSA, we want to take the stress out of decision making, so we’ve put together some information to help you choose the right carrier for you! 

Wrap Carrier vs Ring Sling ahhh the age-old question. The thing is, we offer BOTH designs to you and have developed them into incredibly comfortable and easy to wear carriers because the truth is – we love both! 

How do you pick a favourite? I mean, you wouldn’t favour one of your children over another… would you? 

Both carriers are incredible and serve the same purpose just in slightly different ways, We are here to help you decide which is the best fit for you and your boo.

Let’s talk Wrap Carrier first. This product is incredible. It’s made from the softest, stretchiest bamboo fabric and is designed to hold baby close and comfortably to the body. Bamboo has some amazing benefits, which you can discover here. Baby’s neck is supported by the shoulder pieces being wrapped around you and creating a safety net for Baby. Wrapping and placing baby inside can feel daunting at first, but we promise you’ll be a pro in no time. 

The Wrap Carrier is best for 3-10kg sized babies, and you’ll get most of the use from it in the first 8mths of baby’s life. It’s the most snuggly place to keep baby in front carry position (their tummy to yours) to enjoy those precious moments. It’s adjustable and can be passed to Dad for his turn too! 

The Ring Sling is equally incredible. Whilst it’s not made with our signature bamboo, it is made from 100% linen, which offers a sturdiness and softens with wear. Linen is a durable fabric and has so many benefits. We actually wrote a blog about linen too, so check that out here if you haven’t already. 

The Ring Sling can be used for the front carry position (their tummy to yours) and also for a hip carry alternative. You can carry a baby from 3kg through to a toddler up to 15kg in your Ring Sling, which is a higher weight range than the Wrap Carrier. 

The Ring Sling is a quick and easy way to wear your bubba, as you can have it ready to go, just sling it around your body and fasten it through the double ring to secure it. It’s adjustable, allowing different body shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit. The Ring Sling also has an invisible zippered pocket, which is super handy for storing a dummy, your keys or other necessities. 

As you can see, we can’t pick a favourite, and that’s why we offer both styles of carrier. We also have a handy bundle pack for those wanting all the benefits. The process of choosing really just comes down to deciding which design is right for you and your lifestyle. 

Baby wearing is a MUST, especially during the first 12 months. It gives you and baby such security, closeness and calm, all while allowing you to be hands-free too! Win! 

Whichever carrier you decide works best for you, you can always be assured that here at VIXSA, we’ve got you Mama, we’re Mums too! 

Wrap Carrier Ring Sling
 Weight 3kg - 10kg 3kg - 15kg
 Age Newborn - 1 Year (most use in first 6/8 months) Newborn - Toddler
 Fabric Bamboo / Spandex (Stretchy) 100% Linen (Sturdy)
 Support Shoulder piece creates neck support for baby Tail can create pillow/head rest for baby
 Carry Style Front Carry (Tummy to Tummy) Front Carry (Tummy to Tummy) + Hip Carry
* Matching Carry bag included for easy carrier storage * Matching Carry bag included for easy carrier storage
 * Adjustable (One size fits most) * Adjustable (One size fits most)
 * Soft & light-weight for both baby and wearer * Hidden invisible zippered pocket for storing small items
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