Top 5 Reasons to Wear your Baby in a VIXSA Linen Ring Sling

Top 5 Reasons to Wear your Baby in a VIXSA Linen Ring Sling

The Ring Sling is a quick and easy way to wear your baby. Imagine being out and about, baby on the hip, baby needing a nap, baby a little fussy. Do you need a second set of hands?

Made from 100% linen, you’ll love so many things about our Ring Sling but here we have our top 5 reasons why you’ll love it! 

Baby is Happier

Everyone wants a happy baby, are we right? There is nothing harder than those unsettled moments when baby just won’t settle. Studies have shown that babies reduce crying by 43% if worn for up to 3 hours a day.

Why is this you might ask? Well, when baby is carried, the skin-to-skin, closeness and bonding that occurs actually creates a physiological reaction emotionally in both Mama and baby. Oxytocin is released and it gives off an anti-stress type effect – helping to settle baby and give Mama a much-needed dose of love and calm too!


As mentioned above, we’d all love a second set of hands, right? The freedom and convenience of having your hands free to do all-the-things, whilst still having baby close and comforted is a recipe for success.

That may look like a cup of coffee, getting some washing done or taking the toddler for a bike ride. Whatever hands-free tasks are needed in your day, you can get them done with the help of the VIXSA Ring Sling.

Wear your Baby for Longer

The Ring Sling is such a versatile carrier and can be used for a longer amount of time when compared to our Wrap Carrier. The Ring Sling can be used for the front carry position (their tummy to yours) and also for a hip carry alternative (supported baby on the hip position). You can carry your baby from 3kg, right through to a toddler up to 15kg in your Ring Sling.

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

Flat Head Syndrome in babies is fairly common (almost 1 in 2 babies) and is often caused by the overuse of baby devices such as car seats, bouncers and swings.

Regular baby-wearing prevents this condition from happening as it lifts baby’s head into a comfortable and natural position that isn’t ‘flat’ on a surface or restrictive like some devices offer. Baby is moving with you and the gentle swaying while being supported in the Ring Sling helps baby’s head to develop well.

Helps Fight Colic

Having baby positioned in an upright direction in the Ring Sling helps fight colic. Colic can flare up more in the digestive system when baby is lying down. The upright position achieved when baby is being carried has been shown to be beneficial in easing the discomfort of colic. Colicky babies tend to stiffen up and cry or get uncontrollably worked up from the pain of the colic. The Ring Sling can help baby feel more comforted, not only being upright, but also experiencing the closeness to you, the release of oxytocin and the gentle motions as you move around with the carrier. 

So, as you’ve learned, baby-wearing in the Ring Sling has so many benefits that are helpful to both you and your babe. As you enjoy your days, hold your sweet baby with the closeness and comfort of the Ring Sling and enjoy all the benefits it will bring.

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