Linen – the choice for our Aussie Summer

Linen – the choice for our Aussie Summer

Here at VIXSA – we LOVE linen! We love it so much in fact, that we created a Carrier from it! 

After launching in 2015 with our bamboo Wrap Carrier, we just knew that linen had a place in our VIXSA hearts, and therefore in our range too. We worked on our Ring Sling design and found the softest, most heavenly linen for you, Mama. So, what is linen all about?

Linen is one of the softest natural fibres you will find. Derived from flax, the plant has been cultivated for thousands of years. The seeds are removed and the fibres are separated. These fibres are then spun into yarn and eventually woven into fabric. Being a natural fibre, colours hold well to linen, allowing us to carry a range of stylish tones for you to choose from.  

Linen is two to three times stronger than cotton and dries at a much faster rate. Because of its porosity, linen has natural temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties that make it so good. 

Linen is also naturally antibacterial and gets softer over time. We really love linen for so many reasons. 

Considering our research, and all we’ve shared above, we just couldn’t go past linen as our fabric choice for the Ring Sling. We knew the fabric would be perfect for many reasons, but these are our top ‘why’s’:

  • Super soft on baby’s skin (softening up the more it’s used). 
  • Cool in summer (temperature regulating), allowing you to keep enjoying baby-wearing over the warmer months.
  • Moisture wicking, it’s summer! We’re all hot and sweaty over these months and the linen will keep you and baby nice and dry. 
  • Quick to dry – beach day anyone? Making it handy for the summer adventures where splashing occurs or baby needs to be worn while you’re juggling all the things! 
  • Antibacterial – this is super important when it comes to our little ones! Baby often needs to be held when they are unwell. Be assured your natural linen fibres will assist in keeping germs at bay.

So, if you’re like us, and now a ‘linen-convert’ you must give our Ring Sling a go. It’s a single layer, fabric carrier that will take you from beach to shops to dinner with ease. Wear it stylishly, knowing the benefits and the aesthetics balance perfectly, giving you the ultimate tool for day to day life with baby!

You can read more about the Ring Sling here and find our range here.

‘til next time Mama, VIXSA xx

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