How to wrap your belly

How to wrap your belly

Well Mama, you've probably gotten to that point in your pregnancy when your beautiful baby bump is wreaking havoc on your back, everything is too heavy and those bulky belly bands are feeling too hot and uncomfortable to wear… well guess what, it's time to whip out your buttery soft bamboo VIXSA  Wrapsyes you heard me right, that beautiful VIXSA Wrap is not just for your upcoming bundle of joy, it is also for you, as we always say “only the best for YOU and your boo”  

Top reasons WHY you should wrap your belly

  • Helps relieve back pain.
  • Helps you get moving.
  • Helps increase blood flow.
  • Helps relieve muscle aches and pains
  • Helps relieve swelling (from those unwanted cankles)
  • Helps with posture support
  • Helps taking the pressure of your pelvis
  • And a little bonus, Belly wrapping looks great in our beautiful VIXSA Wraps, and also lets be honest, bamboo is just so amazingly soft, which you can read all about how amazing bamboo is in our Benefits of bamboo blog

     Let's wrap that belly Mama… 

    1. Grab that beautiful VIXSA Wrap out of the nursery, it's time to put it to good use
    2. Wrap your Wrap Carrier  around your stunning baby bump with your VIXSA tag positioned in the middle of your belly
    3. Wrap around to your back and then cross the two sides over (tightening to comfort) 
    4. Take the two sides over your shoulders again tugging to tighten for comfort
    5. Take the two sides back under your arms to your back 
    6. Cross the two sides over again then take the sides to the front 
    7. Crossover under your baby bump take the sides to the back then tie in a knot and experience the amazing support belly wrapping has to offer…  

    And if you are more of a visual learner Mama, don't worry we've got you covered with our easy to follow instructional video on how to Wrap your belly instead… 

    How to Wrap Your Belly Guided Instructional Video

    How to Wrap Your belly Solo Instructional Video

    Only the best for you and your boo mama, don't forget to send us through pictures of your gorgeously wrapped belly’s in our oh so soft VIXSA Wrap Carriers 

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