How Baby-Wearing can assist you during #isolife

How Baby-Wearing can assist you during #isolife

It’s been 8 weeks now (give or take, depending on where you are in the world) since we’ve all been in some form of isolation, or #isolife as it’s come to be known.

There’s a few things we’re grateful for during this time; the first is COFFEE, no explanation needed. It’s how we’re functioning right now. Next on the list is social media, because let’s face it – we NEED it to connect and engage with our tribes! How lonely us Mamas would be without our social platforms keeping us informed and engaged with the happenings of the world, funny memes and also the snippets of life that those we follow wonderfully share.

Thirdly, we are super thankful for baby-wearing. 

You might wonder what the baby-wearing fuss is all about. If you are, it’s likely you haven’t had the opportunity to wear your baby in a comfortable and supportive way.

Baby-wearing in general has so many benefits to both Mama + baby. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 reasons why baby-wearing can assist you in #isolife.

1. Closeness to baby. Wearing baby brings you both closer together, literally and figuratively. Our VIXSA wrap is designed to create a soft, cocoon-like experience for both Mama and baby. Wearing baby close also promotes a bonding experience, and offers you some comfort and peace of mind that baby is calm and close.

2. Being hands-free! Baby-wearing is the ultimate saviour when it comes to your day to day activities. Wearing baby allows you to go about your day, washing, cooking, working and entertaining other little ones with your hands available for use. While the idea of relaxing in front of the TV for the entire isolation period sounds incredible, it really isn’t tangible as a busy mama!

3. Keeping baby safe and socially distanced. While we are being asked to stay home as much as possible, there are reasons why we might need to be out and about. Appointments, shopping and we need to get out for some exercise and fresh air (and a large, takeaway coffee!). Keeping baby wrapped close offers them protection when you’re out and about. Baby is safe and warm, and most importantly – right there with you at all times when you need to be away from home.

4. Comfort for all. At VIXSA, we created our wrap carrier from a signature bamboo/spandex fabric blend. The fabric has a 4-way stretch and is customised to your body and baby when wrapped. Designed to become part of your body when wearing, the carrier is soft and lush against your body and holds baby comfortably while you’re navigating #isolife right now.

5. Happy baby + happy Mama. When isolated and away from family and friends, we need to make sure both baby and Mama are as happy as possible. Crying and unsettled moments for baby (or even Mama!) make Mum life hard at the best of times. During these uncertain days, we want to assist you as much as possible. Peaceful moments in a crazy season all help to make life a little easier for everyone.

We hope that these reasons resonate with you Mama, and are helpful during this time. Remember, we are Mamas too – we can relate! We are all surviving on minimal sleep and too much coffee, but we’re all in this together!

If you’d like any more information, please check out our Wrap Carriers on the website. Trust us, both you and your baby will love them.

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It helps you stay close to your baby and get your chores done

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