FREE Christmas fun for the Kids

FREE Christmas fun for the Kids

Hey Mama, we’ve wracked our brains to come up with some FREE Christmas fun that you can do from home with your tribe. 

Firstly – we’ve popped together a cute Christmas colouring in that you can print and do at home. Yep – just call us crafty – we’ve got your back. 

You can print the colouring to your desired size. Shrink it down for gift tags or make it bigger for little hangs. Grab the glitter glue and stickers and make it a party! Print a few for little guests to busy themselves at the kids table on Christmas day. Download it here 

Our second idea that is totally free, is a family movie night at home. Pick a movie that everyone will love (we love ‘Elf’, ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ and ‘Home Alone’), crack open the popcorn and enjoy some time together. We like to get a bunch of blankets and pillows out on the floor, crank up the air-con and snuggle in together. 

Lastly, a simple idea that you can try for a fun activity together is a game called ‘guess what’s in the bag’. Grab a bag (gift bag, Santa sack or even a pillow slip) and pop in a few Christmas items. Think a candy cane, bauble, bell, card, cookie cutter – use whatever you have and lay it out on the table. Show the kids and then bag it up. Take turns reaching in and guessing what the item could be. Loads of fun. For older kids, keep a tally of points for correct guesses to see who can be the Christmas champion! 

We hope you LOVE these ideas for Christmas fun, and are super keen to see you try them out. Please tag us @_vixsa as we’d love share. 

Wishing you all a Merry, safe and happy Christmas, much love.. Charline & Lekisha x

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Love them! Going to print some out as gift tags thanks for the idea :)


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