Benefits of Bamboo for you & your boo

Benefits of Bamboo for you & your boo

When you’re planning to have a baby, or find out you’re already expecting (*insert surprise here*), you want to make sure you’re doing your best.

The health food aisle in any grocery store is lined with pregnancy vitamins and powders, packets and bottles of this and that to support your health, skin, energy levels and your baby as he or she develops.

When it comes to you and your boo, here at VIXSA, we’ve got you! We’re Mums too!  

Back in 2015, we wanted to bring function and practicality to your life in the form of our VIXSA Wrap Carriers, but aside from this, we wanted to make sure our carriers were made from something that ticked all the boxes. (Read more about Our Story here)

~ Hello - VIXSA bamboo ~

Our signature bamboo fabric blend is made from 95% bamboo + 5% spandex. Bamboo pulp is processed into fibres and used to create our fabric. The result of this blend and ratio brings us a wonderful, soft and stretchy fabric that boasts an array of benefits for you and your babe:

SOFT + COMFORTABLE – let us try and help you image how comfortable this fabric is!

  • Think of soft, smooth silk with stretch in it, better than your favourite pair of leggings after an evening of take away and chocolate, wrapped snuggly around you and your babe as you go about your day with baby close, or settle them at night in a supportive way.
  • The stretch and softness promote comfort and bring baby-wearing to a whole new level.
  • Both your skin and baby’s is nurtured. 

PROTECTIVE + BREATHABLE – one of the most amazing things about bamboo, is the fact that its powerfully insulating.

  • The fabric keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer months.
  • Bamboo is also moisture wicking, it pulls moisture away from the skin, leaving you dry. This is a super handy feature of our fabric in the warmer months, and also when being used for light exercising like walking or chores while baby-wearing.
  • Our bamboo is also naturally UV protectant, which is such a benefit when wrapping and wearing baby outside as they are often too small and squishy for hats or headwear.

ALLERGEN + ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – with bamboo being a natural fibre, it’s hypoallergenic.

  • Baby often has sensitive skin, and after being through pregnancy, Mama can have some skin and allergen issues too. Bamboo provides a safe fibre, perfect for this stage of life.
  • In addition to all of the wonderful benefits of bamboo we’ve talked about already, bamboo has been named the most ‘eco-friendly’ fabric on the planet. It’s incredibly fast to grow and replenishes itself over again once it’s been harvested. Super sustainable!

Well, that’s it about bamboo, although it’s really not. The only way for you to truly experience the full benefits of bamboo and its amazingness is to try it. Check out our range of Wrap Carriers made from Bamboo here.

Here at VIXSA, we often use the saying ‘Wrapped in Love’ and that’s because its true! We LOVE bamboo, and we wouldn’t want you wrapping yourself, or your boo in anything but the best!

Happy wrapping Mama, VIXSA xx

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