Baby Wearing & Getting Stuff Done

Baby Wearing & Getting Stuff Done

Our Top 4 Tips To Try

Baby-wearing is the BOMB when it comes to getting stuff done, as a busy Mama, you can understand the struggle of trying to juggle all of the balls. 

We’ve popped together a useful list of the ways you can incorporate baby-wearing and getting stuff done, and hopefully simplify some of life’s busy and unsettled moments. 

1. Getting out and about. An important part of the day is getting out and about. This might mean gentle exercise, running errands or a simple stroll to the park with the older kids. Using our Ring Sling you’ll be on your way super quickly, you can just pop baby in the sling and go plus the handy pocket is perfect to slip in your keys for a quick activity.

2. Chores. They don’t go away, and while they may not be part of baby’s day, they are a part of yours. Attempting doing some household chores with baby close to you in our Carrier can bring comfort to you both, and also begin to teach and show baby some of the ‘doings’ around the home. By the time baby is a toddler, they will have witnessed many little jobs and can begin to ‘help’ in their own way as they learn and grow. Our favourite baby-wearing chores are washing, tidying and kitchen clean up. 

3. Nap time. Baby needs a lot of rest during the day in their first year of life. Wearing your little one for nap time can really help to settle and calm them quickly. Being close to you allows them to feel safe and supported. Learning to nap in the Carrier or the Ring Sling can be so useful when you’re needing to tend to some chores or you're wanting to get and about, catch up for coffee with a friend and save the hassle of using the pram.   4. Feeding time. If you’re breastfeeding, you may enjoy being able to do this while wearing baby. As you get more confident feeding from the breast, baby can latch on while being in the carrier. This is useful for giving baby extra support and it’s also really handy too for seasoned mamas, as you are often busy entertaining an older child when baby needs to be fed so the support of our Carrier leaves you hands free. Baby-wearing can also help increase milk supply. Seeing, smelling and touching your baby stimulates mamas brain and body hormonally, which can lead to an increased supply. 

So that’s our top 4 tips for combining baby-wearing + getting stuff done. We LOVE baby-wearing here at VIXSA and are passionate about helping you while you journey through motherhood.

We are sure there’s many more ways that baby-wearing can help you in your daily juggle and we would love to hear your tips and tricks for how you juggle day to day life with mama life, Share with us in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you Mama!

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