Baby Bag Essentials

Baby Bag Essentials

What even is a ‘baby bag’? Baby bags can become a real nightmare if you don’t know how to handle them. We understand that not many of us are Marie Kondo – remember, we’re Mum’s too, so we decided to put our heads together and come up with a practical list of items you NEED and will USE in your baby bag that will serve both you Mama, and your baby well.

Getting out with baby can be a real challenge. By the time you’ve thought about it, you’re almost backing out of the idea as you’re feeling overwhelmed. From the regular things you need (keys, wallet, phone) to the monstrosity of items for baby (often including the kitchen sink), we, as seasoned Mama’s, have got you! 

Our list below comes from many trips out with our 5 babes (yep – here at VIXSA we have 5 kids between us!) so we KNOW what you need and what you don’t.

Our top 5 baby bag essentials for any busy and scattered Mama are below:

1. Baby Bag

You need a good Baby Bag. Something large enough to accommodate your ‘things’ but small enough to be carried comfortably and to stay organised inside. You DO NOT want a duffle style bag that is going to look like an episode of hoarders inside. We recommend something with pockets (internal and external) or spaces to organise your items. 

2. VIXSA Baby Carriers

This is where we come in. You’ve got this Mama – when you’re out and about with baby and need your set of hands, you’re going to need to carry and support baby safely and comfortably. If you’re unsure which carrier is right for you, see our info here.

3. Swaddle

A simple swaddle can do oh-so-many things when you’re out and about. You can wrap baby, cover baby in the pram, cover baby in the carrier, cover baby when feeding, use as a soft comforter for baby, play mat, change mat, use over the trolley if needed + many more handy reasons that you’ll surprise yourself with on the day. We love our range of Bamboo Swaddles and know you will too. 

4. Organiser Pouch

A zip case with ‘the necessities’ inside. Ok, so this little zip case will be your best friend. We recommend grabbing a couple of these and popping one in the car, the pram and even in the lounge room at home. They are just so handy. Inside this life-saving zip case you need to pop inside your nappies, wipes, nappy bags, nipple cream, breast pads and burp cloth, spare clothing, teething toy, dummy, etc. This little pack is going to keep all these essentials organised and together. A handy idea is to find one with a wrist strap so if you’re rushing in and out you can just take this little pack solo. 

5. Drink Bottle + Snack

This one is for you Mama (and possibly your toddler too!). As Mama’s, we must stay hydrated and keep our energy up. We know that you know this – but this is our PSA. Keep a filled, reusable drink bottle in the bag + a few healthy snacks that will give you energy and keep you glowing. You don’t know if you may get stuck feeding baby for a little while at the shops or in the car – so if you’re prepared with water and a little something to sustain you, you’ll thank yourself later! 

Well, that’s it – our top 5 baby bag essentials that we swear by and use with our own tribes. We understand that there may be a few additional things (bottles, baby food, medications etc.) that you may need to remember, especially for longer activities, but we’re confident that we have covered the essentials above. 

We know that you’re tired Mama, but get organised so when your Mama friends invite you for coffee or you feel the need for a little shopping trip – you’re ready to go! 

You’ve got this! X Team VIXSA.

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