5 Simple Self-Care Ideas for you, Mama

5 Simple Self-Care Ideas for you, Mama

Here at VIXSA, we’re Mums too. We know what it’s like. We understand the ‘constant-ness’ of #mumlife and the constant need for coffee. We understand the never-ending pile of washing and the witching hour woes. We get it.

We also understand the JOY of motherhood, the love that makes your heart explode. The feelings that you’ve never felt before coming ‘Mum’ – we get it all.

This is why we’re bringing you this blog post Mama.

The words ‘Self-Care’ are everywhere. There’s so many ideas, Instagram posts, quotes and even gift boxes you can buy to help you practice self-care. We’re all for all of it – but we wanted to simplify it for our VIXSA tribe.

Getting together and chatting with some of our mummy friends recently, we realised that self-care isn’t the ability to shower daily or paint you toe nails for a girls’ night out. It’s more than that. 

Self-care, to us, is carving out a little time and giving yourself a little love and energy to recharge the body and the mind.

We’ve come up with our 5 simple (emphasis on this!) self-care ideas that we think even the busiest of Mamas (like you) can try! 

#1 – Make a pot of tea (yep – add the loose leaf of choice, let it brew) and drink it! Sit down in your favourite spot, grab a tea cup and pour, re-pour and pour again. Tea has so many wonderful benefits and the ritual of making and drinking tea has assisted in mindfulness and calm for centuries!

#2 – Grab yourself one of those sheet masks. You know, those funny masks that look insanely silly on your face? Yes, those! Grab one in your next shopping trip and use it (perhaps while you’re drinking your tea). Your skin will thank you for it and it’ll force you to pop your feet up for ten minutes while it does its thing – cos gravity doesn’t work well with a sheet mask!

#3 – Get yourself to the sea! Or, the river, the hills or anywhere in nature really. We’re not being all silly when we say that nature does things to us as humans! Immersing our feet into the cool waves as they lap on the sand, or walking on a mountain top releases stress and anxiety and helps us to relax. Take the kids if you must – but get a little fresh air into you and you’ll thank us later! 

#4 – Give yourself permission to be who you are today! So, you’re a hot mess – that’s ok! You’re running late? Grab a coffee drive through. Allow yourself to be A-OK with who you are and whether ‘you’ve got this’ or not on any given day and see the difference. It’s ok to have days where things fall apart a little bit – allow yourself to be ok with this!

#5 – Say YES next time someone offers to help (or if there’s no offer – ASK!). When we can humble ourselves a little (if you struggle with accepting help) it can really take a load off us. It’s not always easy to accept a kind gesture from family, friends or a neighbour – but it helps you to take care of yourself when you do. Can I make you a meal? YES! Can I do the school pick up for you? YES! Can I fold some laundry? YES! Say YES!

Well, that’s our 5 little ideas that we feel you can do – and we can too! Let’s make a pact to try these together! What do you think? We will check in with you in a few weeks and see how you’re going with these simple practices!

As always, big love Mama + stay safe.


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