5 Benefits of Wearing your Baby in a VIXSA Wrap Carrier

5 Benefits of Wearing your Baby in a VIXSA Wrap Carrier

The Wrap Carrier is the product that started it all for VIXSA. When discovering our love for baby-wearing but realising the products on the market were lacking in a few areas, we knew we had to create something that ticked all the boxes.

Our Wrap Carrier is best suited for 3-10kg sized babies, and you’ll get most of the use from it in the first 6-12 months of baby’s life. It’s the most snuggly place to keep baby and enjoy those precious moments. It’s adjustable and can be passed to Dad or Grandma for their turn too! 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of wearing your Baby in a VIXSA Wrap Carrier.


Being close to your baby, having skin-to-skin contact and allowing baby to hear your heart beat is crucial in developing and increasing your bond. The Wrap Carrier allows you to do this in a safe and comfortable way. Wrapping baby close to you while going about your day creates an ideal way to juggle all the things whilst enjoying a close connection and nurturing your baby. Check out some of the things you can get done while baby-wearing here.

Reduces the ‘Baby Blues'

Did you know that up to 80% of new mothers experience at least one of the ‘baby blues’ signs or symptoms? If these symptoms don’t ease, they may lead to postnatal depression.

Research tells us that early skin-to-skin contact with baby releases oxytocin which helps develop those feelings of love and bonding. The emotional reaction of the release of oxytocin also induces an anti-stress effect for both baby and Mama.

Another idea that can help relieve those feelings is getting out and about with baby. Gentle exercise is not only good for the body, it also releases endorphins that help ease the tensions you can be feeling. The Wrap Carrier is the perfect way to get out and about with baby. A nice walk, a coffee with friends, some fresh air – made so much easier with baby safe and snug.

We also have some other great self care ideas for you mama which you can read here.

Assists with Reflux

Reflux is upsetting for everyone and although babies often grow out of it, it’s still a very difficult experience. There are variations of reflux, and medical advice often suggests making sure baby is upright and is being burped or patted to help ease the air trapped inside. Baby-wearing in the Wrap Carrier helps make this step a little easier as it comfortably positions baby upright and is smooth and lightweight for you to pat or rub baby easily on the back.

Aids in Baby's Physical and Mental Development.

Did you realise that wearing your baby is actually helping your baby’s development? Here’s a couple of amazing things about the Wrap Carrier that can help baby develop.

When moving their head to view the world from the Wrap Carrier, baby is developing strong core muscles. The soft and passive movement of baby’s limbs assist in weight gain and increase the bone density of your little one.

The secure attachment created through baby-wearing bonding helps baby feel calm and settled while stimulating Mamas responsiveness to baby. Studies have formed data noting that consistent baby-wearing can lead to less crying.

Easy Access for Breastfeeding on-the-go

The Wrap Carrier can be so helpful in your breastfeeding journey. The skin-to-skin contact happening when baby-wearing releases those amazing hormones, helping you bond with your baby and also assist in the increase of your milk supply.

Aside from the physiological benefits, your sweet baby nestled up in the Wrap Carrier can be breastfed comfortably and discreetly when tending to other children, getting things done or while out for coffee with friends. See how you can feed baby in the Wrap Carrier here.

So Mama, as you prepare to welcome your little one or make the choice to begin your baby-wearing journey, you can be comforted in knowing that the benefits of wearing your baby in the VIXSA Wrap Carrier aren’t just for you, but for baby too!

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