4 Simple indoor activities to do with your babes, while also supporting small business

4 Simple indoor activities to do with your babes, while also supporting small business

Let’s get real, most of us Mamas are struggling to keep our littles entertained.

What worked last week isn’t working again the next, and little minds need constant expansion. Sometimes we can feel like our efforts are hindered by disinterest too. Nothing worse than going all out for a play set up, only to have your little person walk away after 5 minutes. 

Here at VIXSA, we get it! We’re Mums too!

With the weather cooling down here in Australia, it’s getting harder to spend long days playing outside. We wanted to pop together a list of go-to, indoor activities that you can do with your tribe.

To make it even more exciting, we’ve sourced these ideas from amazing #shopsmall brands on Instagram, so you can even support small business while staying sane. Win Win!

Activity #1 – Playdough

Playdough is an activity that lasts the test of time. From toddlers to primary schoolers, everyone enjoys the calm that playdough brings.

A favourite of ours is from Dough My Dear Playdough – they have the sweetest range of colours, as well as accessories for you to enjoy. Their dough is soft, not sticky, and is scented, so it smells amazing when you’re playing with it.

Set up an area for your creative time. Add some bits and pieces to the dough for more exploration. Try cookie cutters, utensils, nature items or some patty pans and birthday candles. 

*TIP*: For older kids, switch to modelling clay or polymer clay (that you can bake) and encourage more detailed designs. 

Activity #2 – Busy Bags

What child doesn’t like a ‘busy bag’ of some sort. A busy bag can be made up yourself from new or old toys/activities your child hasn’t seen in a while. Alternatively, you can order one ready to go.

A favourite we have found is the ‘Play-N-Pack’ activity bag from Olli Ella. This bag comes in a variety of styles and is filled with stickers, small toys, colouring + a card game.

We’re loving this idea at VIXSA HQ, as we’re still working from home and need all the engaging activities we can get!

*TIP*: For older kids, add in a new chapter book they can read themselves or you can read together.

Activity #3 – Paper Dolls

Do you remember making paper dolls? Designing and cutting out the cutest outfits led to endless hours of happy play.

If you’re not crafty or inspired enough to make your own, we’ve got some ideas for you!

Of Unusual Kind is a fun brand that offers ready-to-make paper doll kits. They come with all you need for the perfect afternoon inside. During this time, they have also provided some free print-at-home paper dolls on their website. These print in black and white and provide hours of entertainment when colouring, cutting and assembling your dolls.

Why not print a few, or order some for a fun playtime together.

*TIP*: For older kids, get them to work on their cutting and assembling skills. You could even add details like yarn hair or buttons and lace to their outfits. 

Activity #4 – Journaling

It’s going to go down in history, how we all got through this tricky time. Our grandchildren will one day ask us questions about our lives, and living through this period of craziness.

If you’ve been thinking of journaling with your littles, it would be worth checking out Word Finders Club’s ‘Happiful Journal’.

They can be customised on the front for a boy or girl, and even a hair colour selected. The journal contains pages prompting little thoughts and feelings of the day, and encourages ideas to be drawn or written down.

They also have some free journal sheets on offer too! Happy journaling!

*TIP*: For older kids, ask them to write a letter to themselves about this time in their lives. How they feel. What life looks like. Stow these away for a few years as something to reflect on later. 

Well, wherever you’re at in your world; schooling, working from home, Mama of littles, new Mama or, like most of us, the Mama juggling all the hats – we hope these ideas give you some new activities to explore with your babes! If you do try any, please tag us in your photos and stories, we would love to see you having fun inside!

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4. Word Finders Club - Click Here!
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