4 Baby-Wearing mistakes you don’t want to make

4 Baby-Wearing mistakes you don’t want to make

Baby wearing can be a bit of a taboo topic. Is baby safe? Is baby comfortable? Will it hurt baby?

With so many opinions out there, we’ve decided to compile our thoughts and knowledge, to equip you with the confidence and assurance you need to tackle baby wearing safely.

Mistake #1 – Placing baby in the carrier before putting the carrier on;

This is a mistake you will never have to make with VIXSA. Our carriers are designed with our signature, bamboo blend fabric. Because of this, they are so comfortable for both baby and Mama. If you’re heading out with baby, you can wrap yourself with your VIXSA carrier, quickly and easily, before placing baby safely inside the carrier.

This rule applies when removing your carrier too. Please remove baby first, then take off your carrier.

Mistake #2 – Too low and too loose;

Baby needs to be close and supported when being worn. Make sure baby is snug against your body and high on your chest when being worn. Baby should be held inside firmly, but still able to breathe (keeping their chin off your chest). The firmness of the wrap holding baby to you supports the head, neck and back. Experiment with the firmness of your wrap, you may need to adjust this as your baby grows.


Mistake #3 – Tummy to tummy only;

This is a no-no. Baby cannot be held correctly on the back or in an outward facing position. Baby’s legs cannot sit in the ‘squat’ or ‘M’ position which can put unnecessary pressure on baby’s back and hips.

Baby needs to feel safe and secure, with the tummy to tummy position, baby can make eye contact and communicate with Mama, allowing bonding to occur

Mistake #4 – wearing your wrap incorrectly;

We have made it very simple for you to feel confident in wearing baby. We have visual wrapping tutorials (here) and a handy video tutorial (here) for you to use.

Please make sure to practice using the wrap so you’re able to correctly carry baby. You can even practice with a doll or soft toy if you’re still waiting on baby to arrive.

Have you made any of these mistakes? I am sure we all have had our fair share of #parentingfails – but hey, that is how we learn! We hope these tips help high light some of the common errors you may encounter, and help you to overcome them and enjoy your baby wearing journey.

Important: Please remember, you are using the VIXSA carrier at your own risk. Always be careful and never leave your baby with it while unattended.

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